Friday 31 August 2012



After nearly a week of frustration our bike has finally got clearance from customs.

The bike was to be delivered into the Harley Dealership last Thursday, so it was awaiting for our arrival.

The plan was to have our bike at a show to support Brian Dawars at the Local Kingston Film festival on Saturday, 
then take our bike interstate to Davenport so we could attend all the pre-start functions at the meet.

We received our Bike in store at 8.30 Pm Wed night, basically 7 days late. 
I must say that the Customs agent here has been great, considering i have called him on the half hour, every half hour for the last 4 working days, and on the 15 mins each other half  on his cell.

I dont know what went wrong, nor do i care.
It has really tightened the deadline, and we are critical to get there know.

We have a few days know to unpack and get our bike back together.
Then a few days to sort this out and trial this on the roads.

We have donated a Traditional Wicker sidecar to the race organisers and this is on display at Davenport.
Its a pity we could not have attended, but considering the confusion and drama with customs, we have to remain focused on our Run.

We will have the bike back together by Friday, and should be mobile by then.

Will be good, as i sort of missed it.

Anyway i hope all are well around the world.

Please tune in to face book, or the numerous blogs that are online.

Ian Lihou, has a good one if you wish to follow this.


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