Monday 27 August 2012

Saturday 25 (Film Preview)

Hi All,

Had a call from the customs agent who advised that little could be done till Monday am, and asked that i put confidence into the customs system that i have yet to see.

I wait with anticipation but without taking delivery of the machine little can be achieved over here.
We are loosing days with much work still to do.

After spending the morning catching up with social media, we made our way down to Woodstock Harley Davidson.

Golden Slipper
Bill Nugent had arranged for a short ride starting from his Dealership into Kingston Film Festival, where Brian Dawars was screening his film "White Knuckle".

"White Knuckle" is a film about three of my idols from the 2010 Cannonball ride, and it was quite fitting that all the stars of this film were present with their bikes.

There were approximatly 50 machines of various years that rode from the harley dealership, including an Indian Spirit, an Atlas Norton, and a UL 1200 Flathead Harley.

Bill had his 1913 Sears on display for this film and had decided to ride his 1928 JD......
Last time I was over in the USA I replaced the rear tube and changed his tyre as it was flat.

Well talk about similarities, on start up the tyre again spun and the tube stripped the valve.
We changed this in about 45 Min's and it completed the ride effortlessly.

Sean Brayton and Jon Szalay were also both there and it was certainly the highlight catching up with old pals. Alicia and Steve Barber were also present.

Alicia had supported Jon across the country during cannonball 2010.
and Steve Barber who rode his 1915 across in 2010 was also present with his machine ready and running strong for 2012.

Again the Americans made us feel welcome, with many promotions of the 2012 start and invitations to view our machine at Woodstock if the USA customs ever release this.

It was a real pity that we couldn't have our bike on display for this festival as it was a great opportunity that was missed. The cannonball 2012 has received a huge plug from all and this is gaining pace over here.

I am staying in a budget motel and have not figured out how to load photos on to the blog from my phone yet, hence the lack of images.

On the home front, a Business name has been logged, and our site is almost up and running. We are offering Wicker Sidecars to the market and have another design finished.

This is a Golden Slipper style and will suit the mid to smaller machines.
It is quaint and will certainly add to the functionality of a period veteran.

If you wish to view our web site it can be found on

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