Thursday 30 August 2012

Sunday 26 th


Took the time out today to do some tourist stuff.

Went to the Old rhinebeck airshow.

WOW< this  is a blast from the past, with Aeroplanes and flying machines that are straight out  of the movie "those magnificent men in there flying machines"

They highlight for me was seeing the 1909 3 cyl Anzani Radial motor fitted into a Bleriot plane fly down the runway.

I have a video, but alas am stuck in a hotel foyer with out the tools to download.

Davenport Swap meet (which is the non official start ) of the Cannonball run is on Friday, and we are still fighting US customs for our Machine.

This is getting silly as they seem in-competent, and just wish to push paper.
I have been promised to have the bike and goods released on Monday, but one can only wait and  see.

We still have a chance of getting to Davenport with the bike, but will need to leave first thing Thursday Morn to drive there.
It will be tight.

Lonnie Isam has received our Donation of the traditional sidecar as part of the sponsorship of the Cannonball ride, and will be displaying this at Davenport.

Our team is arriving in next week, so hopefully i can have all sorted so we can start the party.

Hope all is well

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