Saturday 25 August 2012



Friday 24th August.

The bike shipped on the 21st August and i left 2 days later to meet and collect the bike the other end.

It has been shipped direct to Woodstock Harley Davidson in NY.

If you are local to this area, please feel free to drop in to the dealership and say hi.

For those of you who have seen Brian Dawars film "White Knuckle" which outlines the 2010 Cannonball run will have seen Bill Nugent.

Bill competed in the 2010 Cannonball run on his 1913 Sears and this is proudly displayed at Woodstock Harley Davidson.

Bill has been a perfect host while we all await the logistic to finalise and our bike to be delivered.

The plan was to have the bike arrive a few days before i arrived, however this has not eventuated, and hence i am wondering around awaiting our the delivery.

The good news is that the bike is in the right country, and is in transit.

I trust that it will arrive on Monday and we can commence re-assembly.

I don't have a camera , and am travelling so am unable to load any photos for anyone.
We have picked up a Us phone so if anyone would like to contact us, please email us for the number.

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