Sunday 2 September 2012

Dyno run


As all the teams congregate upon Newburgh NY it is quite comforting to know that we are here, about 50 miles up the route and more importantly nearly ready.

The English teams on those magnificent Rudges are flying in tomorrow.

Buck and his Texas crew are pulling half of Texas over with them in the larger than life trailer.
I had a text from Buck about an hour ago, advising that the valves on the trailer had not held, so they were awaiting repairs.

Already in training for the cannonball.

Christina is flying it tomorrow night and Ian Lihou is due to touch down on Tuesday.
It will be good to catch up and have our team together again.

We have been making progress out here.
Despite the Custom-s deli ma in which we lost a full week, i read that others are flying there machines in and i pray that they don't have the issues we had.

Our issue was quite simple.
It seems that the staff were back-logged with clearances and it just had to go in order.
Monday is a public Holiday out here so i hope the clearances go smoothly for the others.

In fact it took 5 hrs of waiting in a Que to obtain our goods.
There was not really another way around this, but all has worked out.

We have removed our transmission again, and checked this out, and are using a semi fluid (grease) in the box to hopefully stop the leaks.
It was interesting as the Head Mechanic at Woodstock Harley Davidson noted that the original spiral groove on the shaft was cut the wrong way, so despite all our efforts to correct this it was just poorly designed.
It is amazing as i had spent countless hours trying to understand this and fresh eyes provided the answer in a matter of minutes.
I guess that speaks volumes for the competence and skill level within the dealership.

So much for the best of British Engineering.

The gearbox will be our Achilles heel and luckily we obtained a spare from and old pal over in Scotland prior to our departure.

This is neatly tucked away for safe keeping.

We also changed the gear ratio and fitted a 53 T on the rear.
It is hopefully set for sidecar load know and should get our speed up to a comfortable touring speed over 30 MPH. 

We put the Jap on the Dyno today.
Had some fun guessing its output.

It ran 5.93 HP @ 2100 RPM with 15.93 Torque.

As this is in sidecar ratio, it is about 20 % less than the solo figures, so these are closer to the  7.5 Hp.

We also never got the motor to full revs, as this is quite a fresh motor, so didn't wish to race it over that.
The motor is basically a veteran style JAP with a nominal 8 hp rating.

Anyway we are close to the factory figures.

Bill put his 29 JD on the Dyno after and this had 23 HP, but running a solo gearing, and is also IOE (inlet Over Exhaust ) and was running at 3500 RPM.

I will be glad when Christina arrives so we can put some pictures up on.

The sidecar chassis has been fitted and tomorrow we shall fit the body and trial this.

It has presented quite well and the bike will get a full detail before we head to Newburgh.

It is only a few days away.
I look back at our photos , where we started and it seems like yesterday.

I guess this is part of the journey, but we have almost made the start and for us this was the Goal.
IThen what happens , happens.

Again we wish to thank all those along the way who have helped out in kind, with time and work in kind and to our sponsors.

It is quite a heart felt feeling to be here and without this help and support, i am sure we would not have been here.

Stay tuned folks.

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