Thursday 23 August 2012

Tanks a lot

It was decided to spruce the Invincible Jap up with new tanks and also a tool box.

The main reason was for reliability.
Although the original tanks held fuel the 4000 miles across the USA would certainly have tested them.

The tanks wer made by John who specialises in producing reproduction fuel tanks.

I can honestly say that the service and professionalism of John was far beyond our expectations and these were promptly produced and delivered in a record time.

They functionality and special requests were taken in to account and for once the job was done on time (in fact under time) and below the budget.

As this bike is being built for a specific purpose it was decided to increase the oil tank and fuel capacity slightly and this was done by increasing the width by 3/4" overall.

It is not noticeable, and increases the capacity of both the fuel and oil to a practical level.
In fact Invincible offered this width on the sports models.
The tanks were fully welded (TIG) and pressure tested before being delivered.

There was minor felting and finishing required, however the tanks were painted without any filled and are real testament to John's ability to deliver quality work on time.

My pal actually commented that it took more work to surface coat the tanks that it did to make them.

While i don't know if this true, it did take some time to get the pin stripes and decals on.

I cant wait to get these back on to the old Girl and see how they present.

The tanks were clear coated by Stan Muncha at Melbourne Dustings Sidecars.
Stan specialises in period correct dusting's sidecars and has over 50 yrs experience within the repair and restoration of vehicles .

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