Saturday 15 September 2012

Day 7 To Sturgis


We left Murdo at 7.00 for the 280 mile ride into Sturgis, throught the Badlands, via the Black Hills into Mt Rushmore.

It was quite a ride, and the bike was not going well.

It broke down 4 miles from the start with a dropped inlet valve collet.
These are unique and i was looking at another trailer ride.

As it happens the H/D pins fit straight in and a pal stopped an had these in his kit.
So 1/2 hr latter i was going again.
The rear brake then came loose, and as we were nursing a blown clutch basket this was going to put strain on the box and clutch.

The ride through the national parks were worth the trip, although a little hard to do with a weak box, and no rear brake.

At the 200 mile mark the exhuast baffle blew out, so i am sure our neighbours know how this sounds know.
It is not the noisest machine, but it is loud.

The bike is getting a full owrk out, and is actually getting stronger.

We Finshed the day within our time slot and again recieved the full milage.
Our score is respectfull and we are in 51 place.

There is a rest day tommorow and we will repair the brakes and clutch.

Others are busy doing motors, and there are many apart, or the second has also failed.
I'm sure ours is run in know, and will be getting stronger.

Unfortuanty i cant say that for the box.

The pace is so fast, no time to do anything.
I planned to take the outfit off and had to allow two days to do this.
One to cahnge the tyres and the next to remove the sidecar.

After the bikes are brought on the back up, it could be 8.00 or 9.30 pm and this doesnt allow much time to repair them for a 7.oo am departure the next day.
Sleep is precisous.

Must go.

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