Sunday 16 September 2012

Rest day Sturgis


Well we have had our rest day.
It was not really a day of rest, more time to make sure we were capable of completing the ride, with necessary repairs and such happening in all area , workshops, car parking lots etc.

Our two biggest tasks were to fix our broken clutch basket and repair the brakes that had failed the day before.

The brakes were completed, however the complexity of the clutch meant that this had to be machined in a CNC machining center.

The parts arrived back to us at 10.30 Pm, and we discovered at 11.00 pm, that they were not correct.
Sort of a waisted day, hoever we assempble the remanent fo the broekn clutch and decided to try thi on the day 8 .

This was less than ideal, however we had little choice.

Christina is having fun, and toured thetown a little, while we worked on others bikes to get them prpepared for the race tommorow.

While our clutch is not a show stopper i am surprised that this actually still functions.

See what tomorrow brings.

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  1. It's up to you, Ian. The world waits for that clutch. Found your blog and want to see more photos of lonely roads and strange motorcycles.
    Make the most of your time and have fun.