Sunday 2 September 2012

Pre-Start Mobilization


We have come a long way from Newport to Kingston.

It is 7.30 Am Sunday morn and today we have so much planned.

The Facebook cannonball site has got people coming from here , there and everywhere to congregate on the town of Newburgh, which is about 40 miles south of where we are staying.

Its funny how things seem to work out.
I met Bill Nugent last season on the C/ball 1 and all i really knew about Bill was that he lived somewhere close to NY and had a finance background.

Good things seem to happen, as Bill  bought a Harley Davidson Dealership in Woodstock which is where the hippie festival happened.
The interesting thing is that the guys in the know are all heading to Woodstock to prepare for this race.

Again i have landed on our feet, and am already running.
Davenport swap (Which is the major flea Market) finishes today in Iowa and most guys packed up last night and are heading east to Woodstock.
It threatened rain, so most packed up to avoid this.

Our support  from Texas (Buck Carson) had trouble with a trailer tube on the 40 ft trailer and lost half a day on the 1600 mile cross state trip.
I received a TXT last night that they were in Newburgh and arrived late, but have made the start, although the next txt was that they are also coming to Woodstock today.

Jeff Decker (who is the H/D fashion and Sculpture legend ) for the vintage movement is also due in, as are many of last years entries, like Billy Campbell and Jon Szalay.
All i can say is, well i am in the right place.
I could say that this is because we are there, but it isn't.
Bill has a full shop, and is known from last year with the dealership the second closest to the event.
It makes sense, as the other shop closer is not that tolerant to the older machines and certainly would not want a troupe of characters disrupting the flow of business.

Bill looks as this differently and roped off a section of the workshop , so i have been working on display for the last week.
It is no problem, as we have also been on display at home back in Newport, but this is in a public environment and it makes you concentrate.
The media is yet to pick up on this, but i am sure this will swing into gear early next week.

Having a Camera around makes people take notice as well,a nd we are shooting a few segments for our  DVD. We have shot some really good film on the preparation, to add to our photos.

I was a little concerned yesterday as i offered to collect Christina form the Airport.
She arrives at 9.30 Pm after a longish flight.

It is hard to get out of the airport, let alone find public transport.
We are in a regional part of NY similar to Bendigo in Victoria, so it is a little hard to get transport.

It took me 6 hrs to find public transport here and arrive at Kingston at 1.30 Pm.

Anyway it turns out that Buck has to collect the English at a similar time, so we can ride together.
Its amazing how these sort of things always seem to fall in place.

I must say that Christina does not like my planing, as she is the organized one, but alas as long we don't forget her and leave her stranded!
Maybe I'll Get the Texans to hold up a sign with her name !

Today i am taking the bike out to a lake, and going to put in the Fiddle and sit at the lake for an hour.
It is really pretty, and looks like a nice place to relax.
I need to take an hour or so for me time, so i can get organized as i doubt i will have time moving forward.

It is going to get hectic, but what most people don't know is that we have been at this pace know for the last 6 months, with so much against us.
It will work and if it doesn't we will make it work.
Just have to remain focused and we can do anything.

I cannot load photos on to our blog as i am in a hotel Foyer.
I can load them on to Facebook, so if anyone wishes to be my Friend, i would like that.

there are also some other sites i am posting on Facebook
These are the
Iron Indian Riders Australia (Club site)
Motorcycle Cannonball  (Run site)

Oh, must fly.

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