Wednesday 21 March 2012

WIlliamstown Bikes By the Bay (Preview)

The local Williamstown Motorcycle Club ran the annual show and shine on the 18th March 2012.
The theme this year was the celebration of the Vee-Twin and these were displayed in force.
We decided that this would be a good place to show the Invincible for the first time in public.

With a lot of work still required, the bike was starting to take shape, and with the supply of the wicker sidecar body it was decided to make this show.

We worked day and night to get this prepared for the show and while there are many areas that will need to revisited the end result was a very positive response from those who attended.

Oz People were there in force and took many photos, as did local and interested parties.
There were several machines that were in the public eye, and the Invincible was certainly one of them.

Many of the public asked for photos to be taken with them astride the machine, and we accommodated them.

It is beginning to look like a bike.
Just needs some more TLC, and some late nights and it will be running on Love.

Steve's 1919 2 owner Harley Davidson with is Son ready to go.  (Steve is the Second Owner)
 A good pal who also owns an invincible decided to bring his 1919 Harley down for display.

His son is shown astride this with a firm grin of yesteryear.

It is good to see the younger generation interested.

I would like to thank the WIlliamstown Motorcycle Club for another great Bikes by the Bay and this is an event that i would recommend all clubs put in to the calander for next year.
It is well run, and very very family friendly and couldnt be run any better.

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