Tuesday 27 March 2012

Rearing to go (Rear Wheel)


Unfortunately this blog is a little out of order, but i have received some questions on what has been done to the rear wheel, so here it is.
Hub Prepared.

An original Royal Enfield 8 " hub was obtained thanks to the evils of Ebay (Gary thanks for this)
This happened to be an original Brough Superior Rear hub that had a pressed steel brake drum and has suffered some over use.
The cush drive assembly was serviceable, however the brake drum and spoke flanges had been pulled, and deemed unsatisfactory.

This was not a major concern as the brake and flanges were in the wrong location, so it would have required re-work anyway.
I still have the spun brake drum and this is serviciable, and should  go back on to a Brough if anyone can trade me something for this.

Bearings being Fitted.
The bearings had also spun on the inside of the hub and been rectified with a centre punch.

The quill was turned to accept Timkin Taper bearings, and a new brake drum was machined along with a spoke flange plate


The photos above show the Hub assembly.  The alignment was obtained both it the sprocket and the brake drum.
Rubber shock cush drive rubbers were purchased from India (as they still make them) for the sprocket.

The next step involved brazing the hub together, and for this help was obtained by a John.

John is a wizzard and welding and wheel construction, so the task was undertaken.
The rims used were second hand WM 3 x 19 and these were pressed back in to uniformity and concentric prior to building the wheel.

The smile on Johns face says it all, he is quite a specialised wheel builder, and knows his stuff backwards.
We used 9 Gauge spokes, for strength with zero offset  for the technical minded folk.
The spokes were new , being custom cut and rolled for the application.

With the rear wheel built the brakes and sprocket needs to be closed out along with th speedometer set up.

The spokes were ground down on the inside and POR anti rust paint placed in the inside of the rim.

A quick squirt of colour to the spokes, to provide some uniformity, and the tyre was fitted.

This is quite a large task, and one that i am happy to have completed.

Hopefully this will provide reliability for the rear wheel, and eliminate some of the tyre and gear box issues, or at least reduce the loading on both.

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