Thursday 15 March 2012

Tyres To Bead or Not to Bead.

With the front hub nearly finished a serious decision was needed on what tyres to run.

Should we run Beaded Edge (Clincher Tyres) or go for Well -Based (Modern tyres).
Again what size and what profile should be selected.

This question was asked from several notable sidecar riders and former racers, and the replies were to fit modern sidecar tyres that are designated for the task.

19" tyres are fairly close to the 26 x 3 rolling diameter, and will not look out of place fitted.
We are planning on fitting WM 3 rims, and these will also suit the tyres selected.

It is obvious that the sidecar adds much load to any machine, and that any problems seem to show in
the tyres and wheels.

We contacted several suppliers, and found that we had little choice, as these are available in one size only. (19 x 3.5 Sidecar)

The dollars are starting to mount, and any sponsors would be welcome.
Something new !

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