Monday 12 March 2012

Sidecar Connection.

The sidecar fender is taking shape, and Adam has offered to help fit the sidecar to the bike so we can hang on this fender.

Well this is a welcome opportunity, and one not to be knocked back.
I loaded the bike and onward towards my pals house, for a few hours of help. ( wasn't this an under statement)

The Goulding sidecar has typical mountings and ours has three points.
The first being located securely on the back of the frame, the second being held under the seat, and the third being at the front of either the engine plate or the upper frame.

We quickly sorted through the available fittings,
and presto, found the correct one for under the seat, and with slight work, we were able to secure the rear mount for the sidecar chassis (Thanks to Albert for these fittings)
We finally had a datum but it became obvious that the sidecar was from an larger bike and this was not going to be a straight forward fit.
If you look at the photo you will see the front tube will never be short enough to fit.

A rubber mounted front fitting is being used to provide some elasticity on the outfit, and hopefully put less strain on the Invincible Jap's frame.

We tried over several hours to bend and re-set the front tube, but basically there was too much pipe, and no where for this to go.
It was decided after a few beers to cut this and then get a new front tube bent and spliced back.

A plate was welded across the tubes to hold this is position to ensure we had the correct location to align the outfit.

With all this going on we still had not fitted the sidecar fender, which was the original purpose of the visit !

The sidecar fender was finished, however it was not fitted as time was growing short.
I would like to thank Adam for his patience, and support, for without help i would be a long road

This just outlines the magnitude of the task ahead, and we have a deadline !

Footnote: The sidecar is now finshed, repinned and painted.
It awaits a body, which is another Blog.

Till later


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