Sunday 11 March 2012

Sidecar Fender

Fender Braces
The sidecar fender is under way.
A stay / brace was located in a pal's shed and was kindly donated for use. (thanks Mick) , and this has be modified to suit the fender's radius.
The plan is to use the original Goulding fender that was also donated, but had been run over both ways by some inconsiderate farmer.
This was hand beaten back into usable form.

The plan was to fabricate a valance to fit over the fender similar in style to the later Indian valances.
This valance will provide a neat location for our cannonball no (16) and supply room for our sponsors advertising. (We are waiting)

I should stress that this work is well beyond the home restorer, and my pal (Adam)  was tasked with this, as he specialises in reproduction fenders for vintage and veteran motorcycles. His work is world class, and it seemed logical to get a professional touch on this as this was well beyond anything i wished to or could achieve.
A valance was hand made to go on the outside of the fender, and this was designed with the Cannonball No in mind as this will be painted directly on the fender.
A valance was also fitted on the inside of the fender, to fill in the gap between the brace.
The end result is a fender that is rock solid, rigid and structurally stronger than they ever were new.

Valance in position.
(Note this has been hand beaten with a wired edge)
With this being done the next task is to fit the sidecar to the machine and then fit the wheel and fender.
It is still a long way off, but i know sort of have a fender, and it is beginning to look like i have undertaken a monster of a project with about 3 - 4 or 5  months to complete this.
It will be tight but there is nothing like a deadline !

I am extremely happy with the end result, and this has resulted in an original fender that compliments the Invincible Jap.

I wish to thank Adam for his patience and skill in restoring this Fender back from the dead.
Meanwhile we work on the sidecar wheel and the sidecar chassis.

As i mentioned putting the cart before the horse !

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  1. Hey Chris, a big congrats on your great blog! Looking forward to seeing photos and videos of your adventure. Enjoy the ride and live the moment!