Thursday 26 July 2012

Update report 7 weeks pre start.

Team 16 Progress update report.

We have the bike running , registered and insured, but there are still some technical issues that need to be addressed.

1. Exhaust Noise.
2. Carby
3. Maggy
4. Sidecar set up.

1. The Exhaust is just a little on the noisy side, while it would pass our liberal noise requirements in Australia it will not pass the stringent requirements of the USA.
Also i am a little over trying to make noise as we wish to enjoy the country side ambiance, without wearing earplugs.

We are planning on fitting a silencer and tuning this to a reasonable reduction.
If you look at the first photo, you will see that the pipes are totally unrestricted straight out (Drag way ) style.

2. The Carby currently fitted has been borrowed from a pals running Indian scout. This has to be returned and as such we have to get ours up and going.
We will wait till we get the Maggy sorted and tuned so we then have only the Carby to sort out.

3. The Maggy that is running on the motor is a selected used magneto and has not been rebuilt.
It is okay to run and could be reliable, however we have two Bosch magnetos being overhauled at present and these should be completed over the week end.
These have new brgs, re-wound coils, re-magnetised, new reco points, custom made slip rings and advance - retard breaker rings.

The Jap runs a 50 Degree ACW or LH rotation magneto, which differs to the more common 45 Degree CW Harley Davidson unit.
This has been quite a task to sort out a Maggy and i would like to do a full blog on this if time permits.

4. Sidecar sort out.This is something that we have to get on top of once the bike is running.
The sidecar bolts on well however until we can get this outfit on the road and trial the alignment and handling we cannot be certain.

All i can say is that there is much adjustment in this outfit, unlike an Indian sidecar so this probably will mean many trip wires.

We still have a lot to learn about this.

I will post some updates as these tasks are completed.

We are keen to get this out on the road.

It is starting to become fun, as the hard yards are nearly over.

More later.

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