Saturday 5 May 2012

Moses Basket (Wicker seat)

Again the cart before the horse.
Got the sidecar body back from Dave B, who is a wiz at wood work.
Dave fitted the inside of the body out, and secured this to the chassis.

We wish to thank Dave for his work, and design input as this is much appreciated.

Some interesting design features were incorporated like the tilting front of an early hot rod.
This has been incorperated so we can roll the side car up to gain access to the working parts of the bike should maintenance be needed.

We all know this will not be the case.

Anyway this needs to be surface finshed (coated)  and then off to the for the interior fit out.

It should be noted that this was not the body we intended to fit to our 1925 Invincible Jap.

It was going to be a Bullet style however time constraints meant that this was not possible.
The bullet design is now completed and available to market should anyone be interested.

Zepplin Bullet, was not completerd in time to be fitted. (Darn it as it is sweet)


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