Tuesday 3 April 2012

Broken Dreams (Urgent Help Required)

Hi All
We had a pal come over the last night to help build some straps for the Saddle Bags. All was going well until we moved the bike and the timming cover wedged between the running board and the motor.

The forks are currently off the Invincible and we physically had to man handle this.

Bikes are pretty heavy and with 100 + pounds of pressure the timming cover split into three small parts.

Yes we can weld this back together, but unfortunately this is a showy part of the bike, and is the vintage two screw style.
It is not something i wanted to tackle, but i can recast one and machine the same as a last resort.

I put out an SOS for someone who has one spare, or casting of the same that can help.

Time is against, and this is just another set back.
All i could do was laugh as my pals face went pale. If it wasn't such a serious set back it would be funny, however it is not major if time was not against us.

Please email if you can help.

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