Wednesday 22 February 2012

2012 Cannonball Endurance Ride

Hello from Down Under

Later on this year in September we are making the journey out to America to take part in the Pre 1930 Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Ride.

Finally got a blog together so i can update and keep Progress mail

This blog will attempt to catalogue both the lead up to, and the daily goings on of the event on our cannonball 2012 project.

Above is the  motorcycle we intending  riding in the event.

For those of you interested i am putting together a 1925 1000 cc Invincible Jap, and sidecar both manufactured in Melbourne Australia, in Swanston St.

The Invincible was Australia's Harley of the day, and built along typical proprietary construction techniques with everything plagiarised from someone else.

Typically constructed allong american lines with english components (which were marketed as superior in quality), having harley Style Tanks, Seat and Controls, Excelsior Style Forks, Fenders, and English Motor and Box.
All other components were made in Australia and were made within 7 miles of where i currently reside.

The plan is to put a wicker basket (sidecar) on this, and ride it across the Usa in 2012.
It is on my Bucket list after doing support in 2010.

There is much work to do, and more to tell but i just thought it might be worth sharing the project build with those who are interested.

The invincible Jap is a fairly original complete machine, and i plan to change the wheels (modern Tyres ) and also add some brakes.
Also a big ar-se seat for comfort, and change the magneto to a ZEV rather than the Original Thompson and Bennet.

Apart from that it will be original.
Side car will be  fitted,  and this will be a Goulding Outfit , which is neat!
Oh, this will be a real Goulding made in Australia !
Intent on building a valance over the sidecar  wheel  to put our team number so it is not seen.
Building a Wicker body for my partner so she is comfortable.
This is job in itself.

Also plan on fitting decent brakes like a 7 " drum brake on the front with 19" well based wheel rims and modern tyres.
Pretty tight as my forks are similar to Hendo forks, and there is no room in between the rockers ( 5 ") and you need to fit every thing in there.

The rear will be  modified  to take a 8" enfield cush drive  and at least i will be able to stop.
The brakes on the Invincible are pretty grim, and basically non existent.

The work keeps on going, and i am certain it will all get done, and if anyone local can find anys pare hours it would be appreciated.

Need to get  the carby sorted, so will try and get this running over the next few  months.
Carb is a DLX which was an option for the Invincibles.

Working 12 hrs a day on this, and have run out of pals, and favours all ready (as i am sure other cannonballs  can understand)

Attached some pics.

Hope all is well.

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